Objectives - I'm like you, we are consist 80% of water.

With Mother's Day approaching, we hope to connect with our female consumers through this campaign by speaking to today's modern mom. We want to convey how our brand can provide moms with more room for ease and convenience as they take on the role of motherhood.

Rather than simply extolling the idea of super moms, we aim to make moms feel genuinely cared for through the support and solutions our brand offers. By strengthening the emotional and memory connections between our brand and female users, we look to elevate our reputation and affinity among moms and women on the consumer end.

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Just like yours, 80% of my body consists of water.

Do you trust the safety of the water you drink, especially when providing it for your child? How convenient is the access?

How beneficial are the minerals, and does its alkaline content meet your needs?

We understand the challenges of being a super mom and having answers to all these questions.

Our new water filters have already helped millions of super moms like you to worry less about these concerns.

Our filters provide more than just clean mineral water - they offer a gateway to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

It's like having a natural spring water source always by your side, whether at home or anywhere else.

Quality water means quality living.

WATERDROP (previz)
PHOTOGRAPHY (style / retouch)
It's a miracle to see a new life being born.

But until this miracle happens to you

It's hard to imagine what it's like to be a super mom.

((Dialogue)) he is asleep - That's it,

((Dialogue)) It's just a beginning

It's pure love.

and pure responsibility

And this new life dependents on

what you do, what you eat and what you drink 100%.

And just like yours, 80% of my body consist of water.

Pure and mineral-rich water is a key of the healthy living.

((Dialogue)) Please don't forget to drink! stay hydrated!

Things are getting more accessible these days

((Dialogue)) Even this used to be a problem

But not anymore

Our filters provide not just a clean

mineral water - but a healthy lifestyle, for you and your family

Not just at home, but anywhere.

Quality of water - quality of healthy living

With New Waterdrop Filters