Tasty Clean

We appreciate the opportunity to propose a comprehensive content marketing plan for Tasty Clean in 2024. Our approach is designed to leverage influencers, engaging advertising photos, and captivating videos to showcase the unique features and benefits of Tasty Clean, catering to various target demographics.

Social media life style photography
Emotional & fun videos
Content strategy
Advertising Photo Session with Influencers in 2 style: LIFESTYLE + COMMERCIAL
Utilize lifestyle influencers to demonstrate the ease of use and the positive impact on healthy living through a series of engaging advertising photos
Influencer Selection: Identify influencers who align with Tasty Clean's values and resonate with the target audience, including moms, health enthusiasts, and lifestyle advocates.

Lifestyle: Showcase Tasty Clean in real-life scenarios, emphasizing its usability in everyday situations.

Health Impact: Highlight the product's impact on healthy living, emphasizing its dentist approval and natural composition.

Platforms: Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for maximum reach.

Caption Strategy: Craft captions emphasizing the safety, efficacy, and organic nature of Tasty Clean, encouraging user-generated content with relevant hashtags.

LIFESTYLE MOOD BOARD (House, backyard, family, kids, supermoms).
COMMERCIAL STYLE - Bright, young influencers, woman 22-35
Video Marketing Campaign
We will create two impactful videos targeting different demographics to maximize Tasty Clean's market penetration.

  1. Video 1: Supermom's Journey

    Theme: A heartfelt, emotional narrative showcasing a supermom's daily routine, emphasizing the role of Tasty Clean in caring for the family. Include testimonials, highlighting the safety and effectiveness of the product.

    Platform: Primarily YouTube and social media platforms frequented by parents.

  2. Video 2: Fun & Functional

    Theme: A lively and entertaining video showcasing the fun side of Tasty Clean, emphasizing its versatility and convenience. Include vibrant visuals, demonstrating the product's use in various settings.

    Platform: Focus on platforms popular among younger audiences, such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Video 1: Supermom's Journey
Here is one of our latest work. We sure the same atmosphere and feelings will be great for your product. We can create for you the script, research for the perfect voice over and cast.
Johnson & Johnson - changing health for humanity

Our sample of emotional engaged videos
Video 2: Fun & Functional. "Fruity Explosion"
At this video we want to push the idea - how regular hand sanitizer can infuriate people. I already told you, that my thoughts - you really should focus with your product (with one of the strategy) on hand sanitizer natural and tasty flavored solution - I guess it may be your the most financially successful direction.

Idea of the fun video which we sure will go viral on TikTok and Youtube.


[Scene opens with two beautiful girls getting into a car, a Mini Cooper or similar. The girl in the driver's seat takes out a hand sanitizer and prepares to use it.]

Girl 1: What's this?

Girl 2: Hand sanitizer. Need some?

Girl 1: Oh no, thanks.

Girl 2: I prefer using it after playing with my dog.

Girl 1: I hate how they smell like alcohol, and my hands get so dry afterward.

Girl 2: Oh, try this one. It's different. It comes in flavors.

[Girl 2 hands over the sanitizer, and just as Girl 1 uses it, the entire car explodes with a burst of fruits. The girls find themselves surrounded by a sea of fruits.]

Girl 1: Wow, that's actually cool!

[Product pack shot with all flavors.]

We believe this content marketing plan will effectively position Tasty Clean as a natural and safe cleaning solution. The combination of influencer marketing, engaging advertising photos, and captivating videos will enhance brand awareness and resonate with the target audience.

We look forward to the opportunity to bring this plan to life and contribute to the continued success of Tasty Clean.

Thank you for considering our proposal.